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It is now possible to automatically and economically schedule and place monitor calls to check employee attendance and phone status or use the more advanced Response Time Measurement feature to determine how long it takes to reach company personnel.Read our case study 'Staying Alive in the Mail Order Business; An Economical Method to Keep Track of Toll Free and Local Phone Line Response and Availability' to see how one company uses this cost effective tool to stay on top of phone order operations

Phone Number Monitoring Features

Domestic and international calling
No equipment to purchase or install
Easy to set up
Flexible call scheduler
Hands off operation
Available 24 / 7
Automatically places monitor calls
Automatically places alert calls, text (SMS) messages or emails when call answer criteria not met
Online access to call logs and call statistics
Measures call response time (optional)
Economical - monitor up to 10 phone numbers and place 500 calls per month for $59.94. That's only 12 cents per call!