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Phone Number Monitoring Personal Plan Demo

Use this new economical service to add some convenience and take some of the pressure off of personal situations. Simply enter the required phone information; schedule the calls that you want PNM to make; and set up an alert contact in case there is no response or an incorrect response to the call. See how a businessman with a demanding work and travel schedule is able to maintain a degree of confidence that his elderly mother is okay. Read our case study 'Call Grandma'

Phone Number Monitoring Features

Domestic and international calling
No equipment to purchase or install
Easy to set up
Flexible call scheduler
Hands off operation
Available 24 / 7
Automatically places monitor calls
Automatically places alert calls, text (SMS) messages or emails when call answer criteria not met
Logs all call Information for online access
Economical - monitor up to 5 phone numbers and place 80 calls per month for $19.94. That's only 25 cents per call!