Phone Number Monitoring Pricing

Phone Number Monitoring services are available on a month-to-month basis, so there is no long-term contract required. Credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) billing is setup when you create a Phone Number Monitoring account.

Monthly fee

Users pay a Monthly Fee based on the number of phone numbers that they wish to monitor. Phone Number Monitoring offers both a Regular Account and a Response Time Measurement Account for advanced applications. User’s may change their monitoring package...

Monthly Charges. Select the number of phone numbers to be monitored

Regular Account

Response Time Measurement Account

Call Credits

Users are also required to purchase Call Credits. Call credits are expended each time Phone Number Monitoring places a monitor call, alert call or an alert text (SMS) message. There is no charge for alert emails. The amount of credits charged is based on the call destination and the duration of the call.

Calls originated by Phone Number Monitoring within the USA and Canada cost one credit. Calls to other Phone Number Monitoring Call Destinations range from 1–6 credits depending upon the call destination. To determine the cost in credits for a phone number outside of the USA and Canada select the Destination Country and enter the phone number below. Phone Number Monitoring will automatically enter the proper Country Code.


Call credits do not expire as long as the monthly monitoring fee is paid. After the initial purchase, the user can login to their account and purchase call credits as required, or sign up for the automatic purchase of call credits when the call credit balance nears depletion.

Phone Number Monitoring offers Response Time Measurement as an optional feature. Response Time Measurement can be used for assessment of customer hold times when calls are answered and placed in a queue, and for measuring time to dial extensions or respond verbally or numerically to menus. For Response Time Measurement users, call credits are charged for both placing a call and for call hold time. Call hold time credits are charged at the rate of one credit per minute times the call destination factor.

Calls in excess of two credits are designated as Premium Zone Number calls and require special authorization...

Phone Number Monitoring Call Packages

Accounts Exceeding 300 Credits/Month...