Using PNM

Quick Start for Making Monitoring Phone Calls

Complete the PNM Sign Up process and log into your account
Click PNM Service Configuration
Click Add New Monitoring Plan
Enter plan name, phone information and select call options
Select a Standard Greeting from the list of greetings or Click Create Audio File and either download a greeting file, enter a text to voice greeting or record your own greeting over the phone
Chose the Anticipated Response you want to receive from the person answering the phone
Click on Add a Call Schedule and enter a schedule name and pick call times
Specify a first call date, chose a call frequency, end date and any exclusion dates
Select Alert Conditions (optional) and create an Alert Group or skip to Plan Summary.
Create an Alert Group by clicking on Add Alert and give the group a name and specify whether you want alert phone calls to be executed simultaneously or sequentially. Enter contact information for alert calls, text messages and email addresses
Plan Summary, review the plan, edit if necessary and Activate the plan