Phone Number Testing Services

Check Phone Line

Make sure that the phone line connected to the telephone company and it’s quality to avoid telecom problems.

Test Phone Number

Test landline or mobile phone number for availability. Confirm employee attendance at the work place and time to call answered.

IVR Testing

Test IVR systems to ensure the correct loading and redirection product’s operators and services of the company.

Toll-Free Number Testing

Toll-Free numbers are interfaced with a high number of calls. Track the waiting time for the operator’s response.

See How Phone Number Monitoring Can Work for You!

Phone Number Monitoring automatically places scheduled phone calls, measure the time from call connection to call answered, interprets the response and generates an alert call when the response is not as anticipated.


PNM for Business
  • Monitor Small Business Phone Numbers
  • Monitor Toll Free Numbers
  • Confirm Employee Attendance
  • Measure Phone Call Response Time
  • Perform Security Checks
  • Determine Phone System Operability


PNM for Private
  • Schedule Reminder Calls
  • Check on the Elderly or Shut-Ins
  • Check on Children or Adolescents
  • Confirm Personal Attendance
  • Determine Phone System Operability

Call Center

PNM for Call Center
  • Monitor Toll Free Numbers
  • Measure Call Response Time
  • Confirm Employee Attendance
  • Perform Security Checks
  • Determine Phone System Operability
  • Test Voice Response System

Why It Is Necessary To Test Phone Number?

For Business:

Availability of telephone line and phone number in the office is critical for business. Reservations, new orders, technical support and much more are connected with phone calls. Regularly test phone line and phone number for availability in order to avoid technical failures, not to miss any orders and to increase the level of customer loyalty.

For Private:

Use Phone Number Monitoring for personal situations. For example, placing scheduled calls, you can always be aware that your child is OK when he is at school or at home alone. Or is it all right with your elderly relatives living separately.

For Call Centers:

Test phone number is necessary in call centers. We not only help you evaluate the quality of the connection, measure the time from call connection to call answered or time to reach specific personnel or a department within a company, but also correct loading and redirections of your IVR system.

Check Phone Number

Does all your worldwide phone numbers are functioning properly?

Now is available a new, inexpensive and convenient service to check phone numbers (landline, mobile, fax, toll-free). Phone Number Monitoring provides a flexible and easy to use service that automatically makes a call, anticipates a preplanned response and generates an immediate alert when the response is incorrect. PNM offers unique capabilities for small businesses, large enterprises and private persons. Check phone number to improve call center efficiency, confirm employee attendance at the workplace or check on aging parents or shut-ins.

Test Phone Line

Does your phone line connected to the telephone company and it’s quality is perfect?

Phone Number Monitoring offers telephone line testing services to ensure that all phone lines of your call center, office or home are operational. PNM is easy to set up and use for one or one-hundred phone lines. Any businesses large and small depend on consistent and reliable phone service. Phone Number Monitoring provides the means to easily test phone line with scheduled monitor calls and when issues arise, timely alerts.

Features of Phone Number Monitoring

Easy to set up

Simply enter phone number information, record or select a greeting, schedule calls and specify alerts. No further interaction is required

Go online

Go online to view call reports and account information; or to make call schedule or configuration adjustments

No equipment to purchase or install

Phone Number Monitoring is simple to set up and once set up is ‘hands off’. A long term contract is not required; use Phone Number Monitoring on a monthly basis

Always available

Schedule calls for anytime, any day or everyday using the Phone Number Monitoring call scheduler. If the predetermined response is not as anticipated, Phone Number Monitoring can alert you by phone call, text or email

Start Test Phone Number in 4 Easy Steps

Enter Phone Number


Select the country, time zone and phone number for monitoring. Our system will automatically calculate the cost of one minute call in credits depending on the location of the tested telephone number. Then select expected call response that you wish to receive from the person answering the monitor call.

Select Greeting


Select a greeting from the available templates that the user will hear when answering the test call. Or upload your own greeting in 3 ways: upload the .wav file, type your text into the textbox, our system will convert text speech and create audio file, record your greeting over the phone (call 567-251-7514 and follow the menu prompts)

Schedule Calls


Create call schedule, according to your needs in frequency of telephone number testing. Choose an exact call time for each call or specify a call time and repeat it. Also you can excluded time periods from calls schedule when your office is closed.

Specify Alerts


Specify alert condition(s) that will activate an alert call, text message (SMS) or email. Condition may be phone number is busy, phone is not answered, incorrect response received, phone system error. You can select several conditions at the same time.