Check Private Telephone Numbers

Check Private Telephone NumbersIt is now possible to automatically and economically schedule and place monitor calls to check telephone number of your parents to keep in periodic contact with them or be aware that your children are OK when they are at school or at home alone.

Phone Number Monitoring Features:

Domestic and international calling

Hands off operation

Automatically places monitor calls

Measures call response time (optional)

No equipment to purchase or install

Available 24 / 7

Automatically places monitor calls

Automatically places alert calls, text (SMS) messages or emails when call answer criteria not met

Flexible call scheduler

Easy to set up

Online access to call logs and call statistics

Economical – monitor up to 10 phone numbers and place 500 calls per month for $59.94. That’s only 12 cents per call!

Get easy to understand reports to analyze your account’s performance

To analyze your telephone number performance offline or integrate the data with your CRM or any other reporting systems already used, you can view or download performance report from your account in one of several formats.

Short Report
Full Report

Does Your Aging Parent is in Safety?


Charlie is a businessman with a demanding lifestyle requires a hands-off means to keep in periodic contact with aging parent. Checking on aging parents or shut-ins can become a difficult task in this busy world, especially if they reside in a different town or state. It is not always easy to make that phone call to ‘touch base’ and get the reassurance that the person is safe.


Charlie discovered and subscribed to Phone Number Monitoring, a new service that will call his mother when scheduled, play a personalized greeting of Charlie’s voice, and immediately alert Charlie if his mother does not answer or she does not enter the correct response. Charlie has set up the call schedule to call his mother every morning at 8 am and every evening at 6 pm except for Thursdays and Sundays. Charlie has set up alerts sequentially to call his home phone, cell phone and business phone in that order. If the alert calls not answered or the line is busy, Phone Number Monitoring advances to the next number.


Keeping in touch with an elderly person or a shut-in can be inconvenient and at times difficult. Phone Number Monitoring provides a flexible, inexpensive and easy to use service that automatically makes a call, anticipates a preplanned response and generates an immediate alert when the response is incorrect. For Charlie, and potentially for many others, Phone Number Monitoring provides the peace of mind gained by not having to worry about checking on grandma.