Frequently Asked Questions

No, calling is only limited by the number of credits in your account.

PNM will alert you via email when your call credits fall below 20% of the last call credit purchase or you can set up PNM to automatically add call credits when call credits are depleted to a certain level. If call credits are depleted to zero, your account will automatically be suspended until a new supply of call credits are purchased.

Go to PNM online to make any configuration or account changes, and to view, print or download call reports.

Do not specify an Alert Group for that particular phone number. You will be able to view the results of all monitor calls using the PNM online call log.

Select either the ‘Press Any Key’ or ‘Enter a Four Digit Response Code’ options when configuring the phone number information. The person answering the phone will hear a recorded message and will be able to identify the call as a PNM call and respond with the appropriate code.

Yes, you would list your cell phone second in the Alert Group and specify sequential calling. If the phone number listed first is not answered, PNM will also place an alert call to the cell phone. If the phone number listed first has voice mail, then you would want to specify simultaneous calling to make sure one of the phones is answered.

You may specify how many times to retry the call (0 – 2) and the interval between tries up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Call attempts that continue to remain busy or unanswered are entered into the user log.