Test Your Business Phone Numbers

Check Business Phone NumbersIt is now possible to automatically and economically schedule and place monitor calls to test phone line, check phone number (landline, mobile or fax) to verify employee attendance, test fax number, and phone status or use the more advanced Response Time Measurement feature to determine how long it takes to reach company personnel.

Test Phone Line

Test phone line connection with scheduled calls and get alert call, SMS or email when a telephone line failure has been detected.

Check Landline Number

Check landline numbers of your global businesses to confirm employee attendance at the remote office in any country.

Check Mobile Number

PNM also check company’s mobile numbers availability to ensure all your customers can ring up you anywhere and anytime.

Test Fax Number

Our service will automatically test your company’s fax machines to verify your fax numbers are operational.

Check Landline Numbers

How to confirm employee attendance at the workplace?

PNM will check landline number in your office with scheduled calls. Each employee is assigned a response code that they enter each time they receive a PNM monitor call. This provides the owner with the assurance that the call was answered and the identity of the employee. When a call is not completed because of a busy, no answer or incorrect response code entered, the owner is notified via phone call alert and SMS (text) message.

Check Mobile Numbers

Does your mobile phone numbers available and someone is answering it?

PNM allows you to check the availability of not only landline numbers, but also mobile numbers. It is great service for you if your employees have a remote job. PNM will place scheduled monitoring calls to check mobile number availability and identify of the answering employee, and alert you if there is no answer or incorrect response code entered.

Test Fax Numbers

How to never miss another important document from a client?

The answer is simple – use Phone Number Monitoring to test fax number in your office whether you are a small company with one fax machine or a large enterprise with fax servers around the world. Test fax numbers regularly and get alerted when problems arise before it will be noticed by your customers or partners.

Phone Number Monitoring Features:

Domestic and international calling

Hands off operation

Automatically places monitor calls

Measures call response time (optional)

No equipment to purchase or install

Available 24 / 7

Automatically places monitor calls

Automatically places alert calls, text (SMS) messages or emails when call answer criteria not met

Flexible call scheduler

Easy to set up

Online access to call logs and call statistics

Economical – monitor up to 10 phone numbers and place 500 calls per month for $59.94. That’s only 12 cents per call!

Get easy to understand reports to analyze your account’s performance

To analyze your phone number performance offline or integrate the data with your CRM or any other reporting systems already used, you can view or download performance report from your account in one of several formats.

Short Report
Full Report

Does Your Business Phone Number Work And Someone Is Answers It?


Your business has remote offices in Paris, London and New York. Because of the time difference, your office hours are significantly different. And you need an economical tool to test phone line to insure that your phone system is work, employees are at the workplace and adequately responding to customer calls.


Phone Number Monitoring is a system that will automatically place periodic calls to toll-free or any phone number at predetermined times to check landline number, mobile number or fax number. When calls are not answered or answered with the incorrect predetermined code, you will be notified by phone call, SMS (text) message or email. Also you can always view online complete log, search and reporting capability, and statistical presentation of all monitor calls.


Large or small business depends on consistent and reliable phone service, and prompt customer phone response. Phone Number Monitoring provides the means to easily monitor that service with scheduled monitor calls and when issues arise, timely alerts. Other case studies and white papers how PNM can work for you, you can read in our Information Center