Call Center Test & Quality Monitoring. IVR Testing

Call Center Test & Quality Monitoring. IVR TestingTest call center phone systems, IVR systems, toll-free numbers, and measure response time using our advanced Response Time Measurement feature. Schedule calls to automatically determine how long it takes to reach specific personnel or a department within a company. Call center testing solution from PNM is scalable to fit both large and small call center environments

Call Center Test

Call center test includes telephone line testing to be sure that all phone lines of your call center are operational.

Toll-Free Number Testing

Check the availability of your toll-free numbers around the world and get alert when any failure has been detected.

IVR Testing

Our IVR testing platform will check menu trees from greeting to operator and/or sales consultant answer.

Test Call Response Time

Monitor response time in a call center to determine how long it takes to reach specific personnel or a department.

IVR Testing

How do you know that your IVR is up and running?

Phone Number Monitoring test IVR systems through real calls.  Our IVR Monitoring solution makes real phone calls, performing vocal/DTMF actions which allow to navigate through menu tree and run different scenarios in all stages of IVR system. If your line is busy, does not answer or answered with incorrect response code, failures are detected in the IVR menu tree you will be alerted via SMS, email or phone call. Wide selection of settings, including any frequency of test calls make IVR testing solution from PNM ideal for small companies and large corporations with global employee, banks and any firm to ensure a constant flawless voice service to its customers.

Call Center Monitoring

Do you know how long it takes from call connection to call answered in your call center?

One of the most important parameters of the call center’s quality is a response time.  Phone Number Monitoring makes real test phone calls to determine how long it takes to reach specific personnel or a department. Response Time Measurement (RTM) is an easy and affordable solution for call center quality monitoring. All test calls will be recorded and available for playback on the PNM Reports web page. During setup, you define total aloted time for the call and if this limit is exceeded you will be alerted via SMS (text message), email or phone call. Call center monitoring solution from PNM ideal for small companies and large corporations with global employee.

Phone Number Monitoring Features:

Domestic and international calling

Hands off operation

Automatically places monitor calls

Measures call response time (optional)

No equipment to purchase or install

Available 24 / 7

Automatically places monitor calls

Automatically places alert calls, text (SMS) messages or emails when call answer criteria not met

Flexible call scheduler

Easy to set up

Online access to call logs and call statistics

Economical – monitor up to 10 phone numbers and place 500 calls per month for $59.94. That’s only 12 cents per call!

Get easy to understand reports to analyze your account’s performance

To analyze your IVR system, toll-free numbers and call center performance, offline or integrate the data with your CRM or any other reporting systems already used, you can view or download performance report from your account in one of several formats.

Short Report
Full Report

Call Center Quality Monitoring Solution


Your business has a call center with two primary numbers: 800/toll-free number for nationwide customer calls and a local phone number for metropolitan area customer calls. They both have connected with IVR system. You need to know is your IVR platform, connected with toll-free number, functioning properly and customers can reach needed operator and/or sales consultant. For the local phone number you need to know total call response time from the call answered to operator and/or sales consultant to increase customer loyalty.


Toll-free number testing, IVR testing and call center quality monitoring. Phone Number Monitoring will automatically place periodic calls to toll-free number to test menu trees of the IVR system and generate alert message or phone call if menu tree selections are not connected to their desired destinations. Build a Response Time Measurement (RTM) chain to test local phone number and route calls once a connection has been made. Response Time Measurement (RTM) allows the user to internally route calls and measure the time between call connect and when an agent answers and enters a predetermined response code.


For the business to be successful your customers should trust you. During the call their selections in menu tree inside IVR system should be connected to their desired destinations. Test your toll-free numbers and IVR systems, measure total response time from the greeting to connection to a specific personnel or a department in call center to increase customer loyalty.